bah!!! all humbug these UMNO speeches!!

…..because they cakap tak serupa bikin lah!!  (not practising what they preach). :mad

as the UMNO assembly started and is going on, the speeches keep pouring in. many bloggers picked up the speeches and blog about them. i didn’t. i don’t want to. i felt no point blogging about the speeches and commenting on them as they will be the same old thing. however when i read about this from one of the delegate, i cannot tahan anymore, so have to say something.

“These people, they come to a Malay area and they tell me that our country is not doing well and people are still suffering. Well, I’ll tell you, you can apply for citizenship in Singapore,” he said.

‘he’ was ismail, UMNO chief from a division in selangor, and by ‘these people’ he was referring to the opposition.

malay area? whoaa! so malaysia belongs to malay eh? the non malays are not anak bangsa malaysia?

hold your horses…. there are more racist comments coming from him:

Ismail, who helms the Youth wing of the Gombak division, was referring to an opposition claim that the economic pie is not shared equitably with all races.

This is my house and those who do not live in my house have no right to tell me how to decorate it,” he told delegates.

He then raised the issue of demolition of Hindu temples in Selangor, saying that the issue is “a small matter”.

and he also invoked the name of god in his speech:

Ismail said Islam promotes harmony between religions but ended his statement by saying: “We understand that they too have gods. Thank God they do, if not they’d be worse off.”

‘God is against the opposition’ 

Again invoking divinity, Ismail ridiculed PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim for dancing on stage prior to giving a speech during the campaigning for the Ijok by-election in April.

“God has decided. Even if you are the opposition, you must believe in God, and God has decided against the opposition,” he said, adding that Anwar’s antics in Ijok were unacceptable behaviour for a Muslim of his age.

i’ve got to hand it to this guy ismail. you prove that UMNO cannot get by its assembly with racist remarks. way to go, ismail!

other cakap-cakap. from our PM…
(sorry not going to put links)

the PM talked about power sharing within BN – huh? really kah? so can a minister in MCA/gerakan/MIC be a PM one day?

he also mentioned that NEP is here to stay as the 2 top richest men in malaysia are non malays – ohh until when are the malays going to be fed with NEP? is it because ‘this is a malay area’ that the top richest man must be a malay?

he talked about appreciating the sensitivities of the malays – look who’s talking! did they ever appreciate non malay’s sensitivities?

finally do hop on to the malaysian blog to read about her/his summing up of several of the PM’s cakap-cakap, where she/he gave some rebuttals.

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