makkal osai will appeal

from malaysiakini, extract:

When contacted, Makkal Osai general manager SM Periasamy said the
letter noted that the publication of the image was inappropriate and
could endanger public order.

"We will be appealing to the government. It was a genuine mistake on
our part and we have apologised to all parties," he said.


"We apologised to everyone concerned. The Catholic Church accepted our apology. Others too accepted our explanation," he said.

They wrote an apology to Murphy Pakiam, Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, which they said he accepted.

Pressure from rivals

Periasamy added that he was upset with the role played by MIC and rival daily Tamil Nesan in pressuring the ministry to act against his daily.

"On the very next day, MIC Youth submitted a memo calling for our banning. A party member lodged a police report against us and party leaders started criticising us over the image," he said.

"And Tamil Nesan too played its role by instigating anger towards us," he charged.

Periasamy also claimed that Tamil Nesan had also committed the same offence by reproducing the image in their stories, especially in their northern region editions. Tamil Nesan is owned by MIC president and Works Minister S Samy Vellu’s family.

"If that’s the case, they too should be punished," he said.

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yeah, why be selective? why punish makkal osai and not tamil nesan, whiich is OWNED by SAMY VELU?? and heard down the grapevine too, will the govt. (the internal security ministry) punish the paper if it is a malay daily??? just look at namewee’s case alone, and you’ll get the answer (he had veen vilified by harian metro and later on utusan… or was it berita hairan, try to incite some racial sentiments regarding his other rap ‘kawanku’ – nothing happens to them).

oh, do hop on to malaysiakini to read the many letters in support of makkal osai.

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APA ERTINYA 50 TAHUN MERDEKA??… when the govt. is still practising double standards and hypocrisy.

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