the two MPs whose brain leaks

many bloggers had blog on this already, thus i too don’t want to be left out so am going to mention something about it…. and provide links of bloggers who had blog on this issue.

i’m talking about the sexist remark made by 2 MPs in parliament.

a sexist remark was uttered directed at DAP MP for batu gajah, fong poh kuan.

fong then applied to move a privilege motion to refer the 2 MCPs to the committee of privileges

however fong’s application was rejected. with all BN MPs supporting thier sexist comrades, even the women BN MP. nazri, the minister in the PM’s dept. gave the excuse that this was all a joke – a play on words, why the fuss.

(picture from mob’s crib)

excuse me, mr PM in the PMD, you call a sexist remark that humiliates women a joke? then you are no better than those 2 MCP.

as one commentor in mave’s blog commented – ‘it is a joke when uttered by UMNO people. have it been the opposition, they would have been suspended’ – so very true!

there is a video where the offensive remark was heard posted up by a few bloggers like lim kit siang, jeff ooi and politics101.

what has become of parliament? beside turning into a circus, it has also become a place for MPs to make fun of women. this ‘leak’ incident was of course not the first incident when some BN MPs made offensive, crude, sexist remarks targeted at the women of DAP.

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