don’t they ever think first?

oh boy! i was right. 1 1/2 years ago i had described this move as silly and now… the minister himself agreed.

what am i talking about? the move by the then home minister to offer lucky draw prizes (which include myvi car, motorcycles, tv, etc) to people to encourage them to change their old IC to mykad. the new home minister, radzi, described this action (the contest) as silly and is withdrawing the contest.

Radzi said it was irresponsible of Malaysians to want to be given something for what they must do for their own country.

come on, who started it? the ex home minister himself! not that the rakyat (malaysians) wanted it. so when the contest was there, of course you can’t blame them for hoping. it was the gomen that was silly to offer the contest.

He said it would be embarrassing if the world knew that Malaysians would not do anything unless there was something to gain from it.

well, that’s the attitude of most malaysians. however, in this instance, it’s the gomen who had to be blamed when they set up this contest to encourage people to change to mykad. it is they themselves who think that malaysians would not do anything unless there was something to gain.

now the embarrassment fell on the home ministry when they are withdrawing the contest!

in the same article, the other ministry that should hid their face in embarrassment is the transport ministry. they had cancelled the ‘shoot, send and win’ contest organised by the road and transport dept (JPJ).

Chan had announced that a reward of RM150 for the best picture, RM100 for second best and RM50 for third best would be given each day during the period for helping bring traffic culprits to book.

at that time, the malaysian syariah lawyers association and the bar council had questioned the wisdom implementing of this contest but oh no, the ministry didn’t listen, just like the home ministry didn’t listen to me when i mentioned the lucky draw contest was silly. (ahem).

what does all this tells you? that our gomen is forever making knee-jerk decisions without putting on their thinking cap!

UPDATED: it appears in big bold headline in today’s star paper (hardcopy) – ‘stop the rewards’, while the online version says ‘home minister: mykad draw is off’. home minister, radzi said it is ‘silly and rubbish’. well, didn’t i had that feeling when the lucky draw  was introduced 1 1/2 years ago it? why then, the ex home minister didn’t?

and here is the part about the other stupid ministry stuff – the ‘shoot, send and win’ contest.

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