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it’s now close to midnight and here i am sitting in front of the computer blogging! like i have no life eh? oh, but blogging is life to me. in that case, like i’m a blogging nerd eh? haha. whatever. when one choose not to go out partying or get-together with friends on the last day of the year, doesn’t mean one has no life lah. life is not all party or friends! ‘friend’ like a computer is always much better than real friends. haha. i’m back to my nerdy talk.

ok so for the my last post of the year, i am going to introduce to you a new blog of mine – snap and go!

this blog is specially for mobile blogging (or in short – moblog) only and most of the time it won’t be updated. so far i had sent two pictures and these are for testing purpose to try out moblog. since it is not a blog that will be updated frequently,i will not really bother too much with the design/layout of the blog.
yes i know moblog had been around few years back but i did not got to try it at all. didn’t know how (and not really interested too). however, when i bought my new phone, the SE K610i recently, i discovered wonders with the phone – it’s a always-on internet phone! (apart from other features). i can get to surf the net on it easily and send email too. my previous phone SE K700i can surf the net too but to access the internet is not as easy as this 3G K610i phone.

anyway of course i’m not really interested to surf the net via my phone as it will cost a bomb. just knowing i can surf the net via it is good enough so in case when i’m away from the computer for days, i won’t suffer withdrawal symptoms from the net. (oh i can also surf the net via my dell axim PDA – if i get to figure how to use the phone as modem).

what surprise me was that it was so easy to moblog. with my old phone, i try and try can’t get the hang of it. with this new phone, everything is there ready. i just choose a picture and press ‘send to blog’ and the picture goes directly now and then to my blog.

i love the idea of moblog. it would come useful when i’m on holiday and want to send some pictures immediately for family or friends to see. not only that. maybe for some other purpose when a picture need to be use urgently, i can simply snap a picture, moblog it, then it can be access for whatever urgent purpose.

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