two podcasts with me in

heh. better make it to 1001 post instead of stopping at 1000 posts. you know lah, in case there is an award thingy for ‘1000 posts and above’ or a ‘prestigious over 1000 posts club’ to join. if i stop at the 1000th post, i’ll miss the chance. as long as i already have 1000 posts here, doesn’t matter if i go on blogging here for another 3 or 10 or 20 posts! haha.

but what am i going to say here? ok lah… to introduce to you again the recent podcast i’m involved in:
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this was my 2nd time in a podcast. the firs time it was during our first 2006 bloggers meet on 5 feb, where vincent from penang bloggers recorded the attendees introducing themselves and their blog. grab the file here. this one had me talking only a very short while, where i intro my name and my blog.

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ok, so this is really going to be my last post (excluding the one where i’m going to inform i ‘move house’), so i’m leaving you with these 2 podcasts where you get to hear my voice.

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