“UMNO youth arrogant and racial” (quote)

reference my post below. malaysiakini had asked readers for respond, and here i highlight a few of the response.

from shufiyan shukur:
Loh Seng Kok wasn’t really far off in his speech when he complained about ‘imbalanced’ history textbooks, prayer recital guidelines and the difficulty ofnon-Muslims with regards to places of worship.

My fellow brethren strut around thinking that we shaped this nation. Well,let me tell it to you guys, others have shed blood for this nation, and if it were only possible to put the blood from all the races into barrels, classified by race, I wager that non-Malay blood would probably fill up more barrels. And if you could do it for sweat, the result would be the same.

Without the sacrifices and hard work of all Malaysians, this country would be hmm. maybe like Papua New Guinea. Anyway, without the Chinese and Indians who influenced the culture of this peninsular, we Malays would still be strutting around half-naked. They civilised us, before Islam did.

So my brethren, cut some slack. Recognise and acknowledge the contributions of others who helped give us so much. (I won’t touch on the issues of prayer guidelines and worship that Loh brought up as well, lest my brothers in Islam label me murtad [apostate] which would be most scary.)

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from sufi:
The characteristic of Umno being arrogant and racial is proven once again in this event. If Parliament is not the avenue to voice that which concern the rakyat’s well-being as a MP; then may I ask where is the proper channel. Malaysia has become an enemy of herself in this denial mode and is afraid of her own shadow.

On a wider scope, this unfolding event will be the laughing stock for the international community. The spark has been ignited and the trees are burning till the whole forest will be affected. However historical facts can be traced by the experts to confirm whether what the MP said is true or otherwise. Maybe we need another truth-searching commission to verify?

from angered citizen:
I believe what Loh have said is correct and it will reflect the sentiments of many non-bumiputeras/non-muslim citizens who have toiled and sweated blood to contribute to this nation. This have gone too long and too far and the fact that Umno have bullied the interest of non-bumiputeras into accepting their cultures, their interest. I have long regretted my voting action to see my count for the nation’s blessing to have gone to waste.

I stand for whatever Loh have fought to redeem back the rights, the contributions of every non-bumiputeras citizens and it is only right to have the balance of everything that the nation have stood for.

from CK:
Loh is merely pointing out to the obvious. Umno Youth claims that his statement has hurt the Malays. How do they know that? Did they conduct a poll to find out? By their vigilante-like action they are instigating hatred and disharmony.

I find Umno Youth to be the great perpetrator of race-based politics. If there is any danger of disharmony – it would most probably be caused by these goons. It’s time the Umno seniors clipped their wings.

Imagine, if things don’t change, one of these goons would be the future prime minister of this country. I fear for my children.

Dear Abdul Halim Samad and fellow goons, a religious development department would not undermine the position of Islam as the official religion. By the way, what sort of action are you planning to take. Lynch him?

Get your house in order before you go around blaming others. If you don’t change, I truly believe that you would become our nation’s greatest enemy.

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