me anti society woman

hear ye! hear ye! i’m an anti society woman! so said someone i have not heard of at all until now. someone i never know exist in the blogosphere.

really, i have not heard of fade0 at all until yesterday evening when i went to rajan’s blog and saw this post. it so tickled me so much the label heap on me. anti society woman. lucia lai, the anti society woman of mental jog. i say! it does has a nice ring to it, don’t you think so? since everybody’s are welcome to thier own opinion, fade0 is most heartily welcome to form whatever opinion he has on me.

one thing that disturb me is that why would a blogger (A) made negative/sarcastic/crude comments on another blogger (B) in his/her (A) own blog? i understand if the blogger (A) made the negative/sarcastic/crude comments on the blogger’s (B) blog’s commenting section. strange. (or not!)

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