christmas joke from the DPM?

… because i laughed so hard when i read in the malaysian insider that he said no one are sidelined under BN. no one? then what is the NEP? what is bumiputer privileges? why bumiputera got 7% off for buying houses while non bumiputera don't? why some bumiputera esp. those chidlren of umno, easily get to enter university even when their exams results are no good, while non bumiputera students with very good result can't get in. the list goes on and on. you just go and read the comments at the malaysian insider there and you'll see.

oh how the DPM can tell a lie with a straight face in front of thousands of people. he made that remark during his address at the government christmas open house yesterday…. and it was in response to rev eu hong seng's address at the CFM (christian federation of malaysia) christmas tea parth.  well actually no… he made that remark only after the extremist group, perkasa spoke up that christians should not question article 153.

it was perkasa's secretary general, syed hasan who so arrogantly (and stupidly!!!) said that christians should not question article 153. why not? article 153 in the constitution affect everybody and everybody has a right to comment on it. to make matters worst, he invoke the may 13 ghost! and that was not all… worst… his brain suddenly dried up and he came out with the lame, childish argument of "if you don't like it here, you can leave." this was what he said:

“If one does not like the agreement made when the country was formed, then might as well do not be a citizen in this country. Find a better country than Malaysia,” he said. 

see"? what an idiot!!

the fact is that article 153 protects the rights of everyone, thus everyone has the rights to comment on it… but article 153 had been twisted by umnoputera when they added in the special privileges lah, the social contract lah, the ketuanan melayu lah. 

the OK (otak kering) syed hasan have to be taught by constitutional expert, prof. abdul aziz that article 153 is meant for everyone as it seek to be fair to ALL – not only malays. prof aziz also rightfully pointed out that rev. eu did not question the existence of article 153 but in fact, he was for article 153 and he was merely questioning the practise of article 153… which was what umno had not been pracitsing it fairly for 52 years!!

methink the DPM also suddenly become OK during his speech at the christmas open house when he said nobody are side-lined. so much had been happening all round, all years, that we can see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears and read with our eyes that non bumiputera are side-lined… it's so obvious lah, as if he can't see that? oh i forgot, he's OK so he can't see that. oh and btw, he is malay first and malaysian second, so don't you think he will favour malays first… and he had the guts to say nobody are side-lined! 

thanks for giving me the best christmas joke in 2011, mr malay DPM!

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