science and mathematics MUST be learned in english

yes, no doubt about it… because science and maths are knowledge-based subjects unlike history, georgraphy, which are learning subjects with facts. beside, we all know that english is the universal language and to compete in the world, our children in school must master these two subjects in english.

the parents action education group (PAGE) is pushing for these two subjects to be taught/learned in english as an option. 'the teaching and learning of science and maths in english' -otherwise more known in our bahasa language in 'pengajaran dan pembelajaran sains dan matematik dalam bahasa inggeris' or in short PPSMI.

PAGE has started a facebook group known as 1M malaysians say yes to PPSMI as an option on 9 october and it aimed to hit 100,000 members by end of october. they are also collecting petitions and will present the petitions to the education minister. if you have not joined the group yet, please do so. give your support. think of your children and all children in our country. think of their future.

on 24 oct. PAGE penang chapter members organised a gathering at speakers square, esplanade, penang. near 300 people turned up! as a citizen journalist (CJ), i had written an article on it to malaysiakini's komunitikini and also have some photos up at komunitikini, while my fellow CJ, lim boo seng, made two videos on it. here are the links. do visit, ok?

lim's video part I

lim's video part II

my article in komunitikini

my photo blog in komunitikini

my photo album in facebook

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