stay out of penang!

so BN wants to wrest back penang in the coming election (GE13)? by hook and by crook? like what they did to perak?

no way, mr PM! we, penangites will not let you! we are now very satisfied with the PR government. we do not want the corrupt umno/BN government!

He said many of the locals he spoke with had complained of neglect and having a tough time making a living under Lim Guan Eng’s state administration compared to when BN held power.

“spoke to”. how many? thousands? i’m sure not even hundreds! so how can he judge just by speaking to a few. anyway, if it was true that the locals complained it’s now tough to make a living under LGE’s administration compare to BN’s… means that to these locals who complained, there is now no more hanky panky dealings, as in BN’s time,  that make it easy for them! duh!

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