this is land of the malays? but it was once land of the chinese!

UPDATED:  read this interesting piece from capt. iskandar dsulkarnain.

… because according to the old man, dr m, this country is ‘tanah melayu’, so according to a simple translation ‘tanah melayu’ translated literally meaning ‘the land of the malays’ so he insisted this country belongs to the malays.

is that right? i guess dr m doesn’t knows his history. sometime back in 2009, there had been some debate over this ‘tanah melayu’ phrase, and guess what, after googling i found out that this someone had found out from an old arab map that before ‘tanah melayu’  came into being, it was actually ‘tanah china’! yep, you heard me right – TANAH CINA!  go and read about it.

oh yeah if dr m said this is tanah melayu, then this is not his country since he is not a melayu!

funny that dr m should said that all races should accept that they are ‘bangsa malaysia’ and not as malay, chinese, tamil.  wasn’t that what years back DAP had been trying to instilled in us too when DAP had his malaysia malaysiania or something like that. and wasn’t this what the group ‘saya anak bangsa malaysia’ started by lawyer/activist/blogger haris ibrahim had been instilling in us too? but then we have people like those in PERKASA, who said no no, they are malays, and malays they should be forever and ever and hence gripping on to ketuanan melayu (malay supremacy). with cries like ketuanan melayu, ini tanah melayu, jangan soal islamm etc- they are perpetuating the race malay, so do you think they will think of themselves as bangsa malaysia and not as malay? heaven forbid!

oh dear me, don’t look so far as PERKASA, look at our deputy PM – he insisted he is malay first, and malaysian second, so what bangsa malaysia you are talking to him about, dr m? go tell him and the PM to declare themselves as malaysians first, malays second,  then only it’s bangsa malaysia!

the old man contradicted himself. one minute he said this is tanah melayu and one minute he said we should all be bangsa malaysia. he must be getting senile as that was not the only contradiction. notice he said:

“(Former Philippine President Corazon) Cory Aquino is Chinese but she identified herself as a Filipino. (Former Thai Prime Minister) Thaksin Shinawatra is Chinese but he speaks the Thai language and lives the Thai culture.

ahh true… but then as a chinese in the land of the philippines, aquino can become a president! same goes for thaksin – as a chinese living in the land of the thais, he became a prime minster. so then the old man wants us chinese in malaysia to identified ourselves as malaysians, fine. we do actually…… but cam one of us one day become prime minster?  don’t count your luck! after all he said this is tanah melayu, remember. so only melayu can be prime minister.

the best part of it was i love it when dr me admitted the malays are still limping and still need crutches (NEP, special privileges). wow! 53 years and can’t be healed of the limp. so was dr m announcing to the world that malays will forever and ever be weak and forever and ever need crutches?  shame on you, dr m! insulting your own race. oops. he’s not a malay, so ok lah for him to insult malays. dr m, ini tanah melayu, what are you doing here?

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