penang opposition leader is the one who is the hypocrite

…. and also the stupid one!

hey i was right! my prediction came true! in my post dated 29 may, i mentioned:

another thing is when LGE banned sports gambling, the fear is that some umno (or BN) people might come out to say why not also ban other form of gambling e.g. the 4-digits numbers betting from magnum, magnum, toto.

azhar umnoputera, the penang oppostion leader  now  accused penang’s CM, lim guan eng (LGE), of being a hypocrite for baning sports betting but then did not ban magnum, sports toto,  pan malaysian (big sweep).

it’s stupid to  bring in these existing gaming companies to compare with sports betting which hasn’t started at all? we are talking about sports betting which is not present in penang, which has not started yet in penang – thus when the proposal of granting ascot the license for sports betting, the penang govt. say no.  there’s nothing hypocritical about that. further, LGE  had said it’s peoples’ rights to indulge in gaming activities, so since the 3 already existed, so leave them be BUT they will not ADD another one – thus the ban of ascot.

i feel, well, being an opposition leader he just had to say something… just had to oppose lim guan eng.  you know, if LGE  had agreed to sports betting, then he would made a 360 degrees turned and accused LGE of promoting gambling. *sigh* you just can’t win with an umnoputera.  when you said A, he will accused you of why not say it is B but when you said B, he will accused you of why not say A.  who’s the hypocrite here eh?

btw, in case you had missed it, he had also confidently said that BN will capture penang at the next general election.  good heavens! i hope not! i’m sure they won’t! we are still angry with BN, particularly umno.  they had done nothing for the past 50 years… except wasting the rakyat’s money… and they are doing it again NOW! parliament going to move to putrajaya at a cost of RM800 million!! the new istana at jalan duta will cost RM811 million!!  i once blog about the istana, complete with pictures i personally took on location and there it was mentioned some blogger predicted the cost might escalated to RM1 billion!! good lord! see how our money are thrown away at the expense of the rich… while now they (umno!!) are thinking  to let the poor suffer by cutting subsidies!  vote BN? NO WAY!!

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