what the mainstream media won’t publish (2)

Account of what happened in Mavi Marmara.

Be sure to watch all 3 videos.

1. Turkey leads the nations in a war of condemnation against Israel
Have you ever heard of a nation who sends its commandos into battle with Paintball guns? Well Israel did. The elite soldiers sent to take control of the Flotilla ships were sent with paintball guns on board.  Clearly they were not planning for violence but only crowd control. There was no resistance on five of the ships and there were no injuries.

But, they were utterly surprised by the well-prepared reception they received on the largest ship, the Mavi Marmara.

It was a set up.

All during the voyage, the activists vowed they had no weapons and that they would only use passive resistance if stopped from reaching Gaza. But, all along they planned a well coordinated, and equipped, attack on the soldiers. The soldiers were viciously attacked with hammers, metal pipes, knives, and even live fire. Amazingly the commandos showed extreme restraint and continued to use paintball guns until two of their comrades were seriously hurt from live fire. Only then did they use the pistols they were carrying along with them. “They prepared a lynch for us,” said one of the soldiers; “we feared for our lives,” others recounted. (These are well-trained commandos!)

Watch the videos and understand what really happened on the Marmara; hear and see the testimony of a commando who participated in the raid. See the truth for yourself.

Just click on this link to JUSTtheTRUTH a web page I created with some videos. Caution: They are not easy to watch!


Yet, Turkey has called Israel a terrorist state, has charged that Israel has lost all legitimacy and said the raid was “murder committed by the State.” Abbas of the PA called the raid a “slaughter” and Hamas leader Haniyeh appeared on Al-Jazeera television to condemn the “brutal attack.” To be honest, it’s hard to take the self-righteous hypocrisy of these entities. Why did Turkey allow the Flotilla in the first place? Why did Turkey back the IHH – Insani Yardim Vakfi – “Humanitarian relief fund”) knowing very well that it is a radical Islamic organization with deep connections to known terrorist organizations? Why did Turkish authorities fail to check the boats and the people before they embarked on this deliberately provocative journey?

Officials from the Turkish Customs Directorate said all passengers that boarded the Mavi Marmara ship were screened and that not a single passenger was in possession of any weapon.

Apparently, their screening methods are lax:

Should not the nations condemn Turkey for pushing the Middle East dangerously close to a terrible war? Should not the nations rebuke the NGO which instigated this crisis? Should not the head of IHH, the organizer, be put on trial? Shouldn’t the UN Security Council call upon the Arab nations in the Middle East to put pressure on Hamas to lay down its terrorist agenda to annihilate Israel, disarm itself and remove any need for a siege?

Ofer Amitai
Israel Center

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