kerismuddin calling for massive rally AGAIN!

remember the time when he wanted to gather thousand of school children to protest against israel? well now he is planning a massive rally of all in BN youth to…. bodek the sultan. read about it in the malaysian insider,  especially the comments. i’m too geram and exhausted to talk about it. i will however paste my comments there, here:

massive rally? ada permit kah? aduh silly me! BN is the ruling coalition – don’t need permit one lah. if ada apply permit, terus police will give!!

quote: =="The actions by a few including demonstrations until even suing the His Higness the Perak Sultan has confused the people about the royalty and law," Hishammuddin said, adding these actions have smeared and shamed the constitutional monarchy which is part of the country’s history and system of government.==
yeah yeah yeah kerismuddin. why don’t you say it out – this is tantamount to insulting the malays, insulting islam. shout ‘melayu tak kan hillang dari dunia’ (which is a silly funnly so laughable slogan to me).


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