money, threats and bribe

moneyhave you managed to learn the ‘money money money’ song i came up with? see? with money one can do anything. with money, the BN took over the perak government.

earlier, before BN unlawfully, unconstitutionally, undemocratically, very *gangsterish takeover of the perak government, on 2 feb. we already heard how PKR ipoh barat division head fauzi muda claimed that najib had approached him offering him RM50m to induce him to secure the crossover of two PR reps.

then we also heard of how many PKR reps in kedah had been offered money money to defect. from malaysiakini’s ‘milions dangled before PKR kedah reps’:

Kedah executive councillor V Arumugam was allegedly offered up to RM4 million to cross from Pakatan Rakyat to Barisan Nasional (BN). And he was not the only one to have cash dangled before him.


Lim said he was contacted twice by different individuals between March and April last year. He was offered between RM1 million and RM4 million.

“The agents did not spell out the party (making the offer) but merely told me to hop to BN,” Lim claimed.

malaysiakini also stated that it is rumoured that the going price for a defector in kedah is RM3 million while the ‘brokering fee’ for the middleman is RM1 million, and some of the PKR reps said the brokers even boldly walked into their offices to offer their ‘service’!

then just 2 days ago, it is money money again with the new MB… er… i mean the ‘illegal’ MB, the mamak zambry throwing money around trying to win people’s hearts. from the malaysian insider ‘zambry offers cash but nizar’s walk wins the hearts’.

So far, Zambry has been promising money wherever he goes and sticking to a scripted line which bears similarities to Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi oft-quoted “I am the prime minister for all Malaysians.”

This morning, Zambry also went to the same temple as Nizar, in an attempt to pull the rug from under Nizar, and became, according to locals, the first MB from Barisan to ever step foot in the temple.

He announced an immediate allocation of RM100,000 for the Thaipusam celebrations.

he also pledged RM30,000 to a chinese school orchestra when he visited the yuk choy primary school.

see? it’s……

money money money
no surprise
it’s BN’s world
money money money
what to do
it’s BN’s world!

ok, after MONEY, now comes THREAT

somebody in some blogs had commented that malaysia is turning into a gangster-land. yes, remember i mentioned in the beginning the article from malaysiakini – ‘milions dangled before PKR kedah reps’, where kedah state exco arumugam was offered RM4m to cross over? well he said that when he turned down the offer, he and his family were threatened. there was an attempt to kidnap him. there was an incident where the windscreen of his official exco car was smashed and there was a note containing a threat which was tied to a brick.

doesn’t that sound like gangster work? and remember all these because they want the PKR rep to jump to BN. to BN. BN, the ruling coalition. BN the government… so the government is turning gangsters?

of course this is only one incident involving PKR. what about other incidents where there were so much heresay about threats going around. for example that yong something… what’s his name from SUPP in sarawak. he wanted to leave BN right or wanted his party to leave BN. the heresay was that his family had been threatened with harm and injury if he left. then what about those ‘numbers of MPs’ that anwar was said to want to defect so that he can 916 can happened. the heresay was that those MPs who really want to defect were threatened. (so you see why anwar can’t make 916 happened. i believe he had the numbers but problem is he did not have the money… nor the ‘gangster threat’. najib has the number – only 3 mind you, unlike anwar’s 30 or was it 32… but najib made things happened because he has the money and the power!!).

anyone heard of the heresay on how zakaria (umnoputera and councillor who became famous because of his illegal mansion) died? they said he died of heart attack but phew!… if you could just read the heresay….

there’s MONEY, THREAT, then what next? of course BRIBE. no not monetary bribe as that is already covered under MONEY. bribing the reps with promise of an exco seat or other benefits.

One non-Malay Pakatan state representative claimed that an individual claiming to be a representative from BN made him a lucrative offer yesterday.

The package included a position on the state executive council (exco) line-up and RM3 million.

"All I had to do was become an independent and support BN without having to join any of their parties. He said that if I was an exco, I could service the people better," said the state representative on condition of anonymity last night.


"They were telling me the benefits. They promised me an exco post but lately, there has been no mention of money," he said.

money… threat… bribe… is this what the federal government will resort to, to make sure they get back the states they had lost during march 8 last year? what happened to moral and ethics? what happened to waiting for the due process of the election? what happened to giving the rakyat a voice? none! nil! zero! zicht! malaysia is doomed… malaysia can’t be saved anymore. to quote what susan loone said, malaysia can’t be save as long as umno is around. yes, umno, after 51 years still have nothing to thrive on except bringing up race and religion.

with that i conclude by pointing you to please read about the rally planned by umno youth. i bet you at the rally there will be banners and shouts of ketuanan melayu, of not respecting malay’s rights and so on…


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