DNA testing – the easy way

do you remember sometime back there was this hue and cry over the cabinet proposed DNA bill to be tabled? well i believe it was tabled but not passed yet. that idea came about during anwar’s sodomy case (sodomy II, that is, where saiful is involved, not sodomy I where munawar was involved) when anwar refused to have his DNA sample taken. well that was generally the idea of us, the public – but of course the government denied it, that the proposed bill has nothing to do with anwar. well many people had protested against the DNA bill and suddenly we hear nothing of it… it is still hanging in the air, i think… not that the government had decided not to go ahead with it… it’s was just left hanging in the air.

anyway do you know that there is a DNA test service online? you can do DNA home testing and then send it to easyDNA for the result.

why would one want to do a DNA test? well of course for one thing, is to resolve family issues like who is the father or mother of a child. it is also useful for law enforcement. if you are a fan of the tv crime series CSI, you would have heard of the CSI team collecting DNA samples from suspects.

easyDNA is an international company that specialise in paternity testing, which is the most common reason for DNA tests, apart from law enforcement reason, but do you know they also offer DNA testing for immigration and legal/court admissable testing?

how does one go about the process of this DNA testing and getting result? easy. once you order the DNA test, they’ll send you a DNA kit which include everything required for the test and instructions on how to do the test. the standard basic method is well… easy!… your DNA samples collected by an oral swab which is rubbed on the inside of the mouth. ah! you seen  that many times on your favorite CSI miami eh? (or maybe CSI las vegas). after you had taken the sample, you send it to easyDNA and they’ll give you the result in between 3 – 5 days.

a DNA paternity test cost US$190.00. good bargain considering the peace of mind you’ll have after knowing the result!


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