the anti-ISA candle light vigil

i attended the anti ISA candle light vigil last night. wow! i was pleasantly surprise to see so many people turned up – around 400! met many familiar faces, the activists and bloggers. i had taken more than 50 pictures but about half of them did not turned out right – there were streaks of lights (sometimes colourful ones!) across the pictures. i had set my digicam to night mode yet they didn’t turned out right. guess this is becasue i’m not a expert photographer. well i have about 20 pictures which are quite ok but i will put up only 5 right now. the rest i will put up in my photo album tomorrow. (see below – already updated with photo album url)

for a report of the vigil, do read anil netto’s blog.
(first photo you can see me standing far left with blogger lilian chan next to me. managed to ask someone to take a photo of me after the many photos i took. everyone were wearing black but i was in pink! didn’t realsie we have to wear black. anyway i was already out from 9.00am at church in my ‘pink suit’ so can’t go back to change. oh, last photo shows ‘the aliran singers’ l to r: dr francis loh, prema, anil netto)

UPDATED: you can see the rest of the photos at my photo album here. very sorry lah, me the very amateur photographer, the photos are blur.
malaysiakini report
here are links of report from bloggers who attended the vigil (will update as time goes by)
mustafa anuar


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