bangsa malaysia penang first meet

i’m too lazy to blog about this so am just going to direct you to cheryl’s blog and ong’s penang watch site to read about it.

an excerpt from cheryl’s blog:

In Penang, a group of us born out of the great idea of Bangsa Malaysia which was held last August had our very first meeting beyond the cyber world. In the last year we have communicated online through our e-mailing group but decided to take it one step further into the psychical realms of things. So today, over lunch at a local mamak 14 of us from various backgrounds got together to embrace the concept of Bangsa Malaysia and revive it for Penangnites in a hope that we could serve…we could contribute our part to society and our country! We discuss on various issues, some which is already on-going through Bangsa Malaysia in KL run by Haris such as Project Irrelevant. While some others will deal with us forming a solid foundation of a group that will seek audience with the state government of Penang to make sure Bangsa Malaysia is implemented at state level and hopefully in time are at the beginning stages of our efforts and it will probably take us some time to reach our goals or objectives set out but we call on concerned Malaysians from which ever background, race, religion to join us in our fight, in our struggle for a better Malaysia. For the battle has just begun…

go to her blog to read for more information. all penangites are welcome to join us.

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