a sea of red in KL

did you dress in a red top yesterday? i did. here (left) is a picture of me in my red top in my office yesterday. i had re-size the picture to very small because the original picture was not clear at all since it was taken by a colleague who is not used to taking picture with handphone, thus was a bit shaky. never mind, all the better as i really don’t want my face to be seen but only my red top to be seen! (and i had resize the picture to very small)

and below is a picture (taken from eli’s blog) of many people in red tops – burmese actually, part of about 2000 people, almost all dressed in red tops, who showed up for the protest at the burmese embassy in KL (or read about it here).  they also walked to the russian and chinese embassy to protest, because these two countries are currently blocking the UN security council from taking firmer actions against the military junta.

it’s sad to see what the burmese people are going through under the power of the military junta. it had come to this stage that even monks and nuns had to come out, walk in protest… and the worst thing about it was that although the walk was a peaceful one, the soldiers showed little mercy in going after the unarmed and bare-footed monks.

Monks were set upon all day by squads of armed riot police in this
commercial capital of the country. Unmindful of the fact that it was a full moon day, and therefore sacred to Buddhists, many were beaten. Reports said at least four monks died due to injuries sustained during the clashes. Over 100 were arrested.

see? ‘they were beaten’.. and 4 monks were dead. these soldiers really have no mercy at all. how sad.

have you signed the petition yet, to show your solidarity with the burmese protesters? if no, please do it now.

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