trial postponed so…

…so what? back to talk of lina joy? but oh no, since i already mentioned i am going to stop talking about if for a few days.

can you believe it or not? the trial was postponed due to a last minute change! how silly can that get to be? just day 1 into the trial (er… actually not even started), with foreign media around, malaysia get to be bodohland to the world.

i don’t know much about the courts, laws and judiciary so what i said will be from layman (er… laywoman) view.  i find it strange why the 3 attorneys were asked to take charge of the prosecution at the last minute – a day before the trial. if the date of the trial was already set long ago, why can’t the judge (or who?) appoint the prosecution team already after the date was announced? well yes i know there was already a prosecution team but this new team was asked to take over at the last minute – WHY??

postponing the trial was also not fair to altantuya’s family who had come all the way from mongolia. wasted trip? surely you don’t expect them to stay on for 2 weeks? if yes, who is going to pay them? not forgetting the foreign media, whom i’m sure had already book hotel rooms for several days or so.

another thing noteworthy to be take note of was what former lawyer of one of the accused, zulkifli noordin said why he gave up being the lawyer.

…was serious interference by third parties in his preparation of the defence and trial which put him in a position of not being able to carry out his duty to defend his client to the best of his ability.

"In addition, there were serious attempts by third parties to interfere with the defence that I propose to establish on behalf of my client for the purpose of protecting and for the benefit of certain parties.

interesting. third parties. hmm… very interesting. we could speculate of course but whatever, let it remain in our hearts only as we are advised not to speculate!

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