dialogue not in our country but in other countries?

the foreign minister, syed hamid, called on world leaders to arrest misperception between christianity and islam through dialogue.

all well and too good. don’t go that far, sir. look at your own backyard. why don’t you call on your all kawan-kawan in the cabinet or this mob, for dialogue between islam and other non islam religions in our own homeland?

syed hamid made that call at the opening of the second asia-europe meeting (asem) interfaith dialogue at larnaca cyprus.

wah!! can go overseas to have an interfaith dialogue while right here in our own homeland there are so many people objecting to the interfaith commission (IFC). IFC will be a good avenue for interfaith dialogue, so if our minister like syed hamid, can call for interfaith dialogue, then why object to IFC in our country? very hypocritcal isn’t it… or they cakap tak serupa bikin (translated literally: talk not like do).

syed hamid further add that leaders should commit themselves, their governments and their peoples to engage in dialogue that would result in tolerance and harmony.

‘commit their people to engage in dialogue’. ahh… good to engaged in dialogue? then look what happened when people of different faith wanted to come together to have dialogue in penang on 14 may?

syed hamid continued:

This may require us to review policies at the national, regional and international levels. We must overcome injustice and inequalities between peoples and nations and reject double standards and selectivity.

‘we must overcome inequalities’? ‘we must reject double standards and selectivity’? bah!! if this continue any further, think i’m gonna puke.

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