no water in years to come

frightening, isn’t it? i mean this headline that greeted me yesterday morning in the star paper.

water shortage? water? one of the most essential needs in our lives? goodness! i shudder to think of a future without water… and it will be all our faults… because we never take care of our rivers.

the culprit is over-development… but over-development is done by humans, or rather the greed of humans?

“On one hand, we have river basins overburdened by problems brought about by over – development. On the other hand, the number of people dependent on these rivers keeps rising because they are attracted to the development. That is a recipe for disaster.” so said department of irrigation and drainage director-general keizrul abdullah.

this water crisis, he said, would happen particularly in the klang valley, penang and malacca.

whoa!! penang! my penang! frightening indeed!

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