mali mali, gua kasi nombor, sure kena one

chinese new year is approaching! everybody wants to fatt choy (prosper). come, come, i give you chance… or rather let this sami tua (old monk) from thailand give you chance.

see, the flyer here says:
thailand sami-tua boleh kasi 4-d nombor. tepat. cepat. satu kali sdh kena.
(translated: old monk from thailand can give you 4-d numbers. accurate. fast. only once, you will sure win.)

wahhh!! sure win! so what are you waiting for? quick, grab your handphone and give a call to 019-4461939. when you do win, don’t forget me ya. share some of your winnings with me ok.

the words below the handphone number says:
org tak payah mari, tel minta, sdh boleh dapat nombor dan kena.
(translated: you don’t have to come, just phone, and you can get your number and win.)

gee, i notice they are using short form (eg org for orang, tel for telefon, sdh for sudah. probably influence from SMS).

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right at the bottom is the address, which is in alor setar, kedah.

kedah? now how come a flyer from kedah landed in our apartment letter-box?

(note: translation of heading is ‘come come, i give you number, sure win’.)

yes, this is one of the many ‘rubbish’ i found in our letter box. for those who live in apartments/condos, i’m sure you find lots of flyers, brochures, pamphlets, what-have-you, in your letter-box almost everyday. i usually throw away all these rubbish without reading them (just glance at them). well i only keep flyers from those dept. stores, supermarkets, macdonald promo, pizza hut promo.

for this particular ‘lucky number from an old monk’ flyer, i received it some weeks ago (around christmas) and was quite amused reading it and felt that i should take a picture of it and blog about it. i had almost forgotten all about it until when i read wingz of rojaks daily post about lucky numbers. hey, he too has some lucky numbers for you so hop on to his blog to get your numbers, ok? or, have you try this already, which i had posted before on 1 dec. 2005?

whoa! am i good or what! give you 3 chances for lucky numbers. when you win, don’t forget to belanja me with a feast of 2 giant lobsters and 8 tiger prawns, ok? mucho gracias!

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