vision 2020 – to the moon!

ahh… so malaysia is now in the process of selecting the right person to become the country’s first astronaut.

imagine! 854 people applied for the post! didn’t know there were so many people that interested in going to the moon. however, it is not that easy to get selected. there will be a series of rigorous tests going on to short list the applicants. well, at the first test, a 3.5km astronaut run on 27 aug., only 12 applicants out of 31, managed to complete it within the stipulated time of 20mins.

you can surf over to the angkasawan website for more information.

i thought this astronaut application was started 2 years ago, when i blog about it. there were some talk then on what to refer our astronaut as when russia refer him/her as cosmonaut, and japan as taikonaut. if you read that blog of mine (remember to click on comments too even though it says none), the links there will not work since they were old news but some of those news appeared in the angkasawan website.

well, malaysia’s vision – destination moon by 2020. but what i don’t quite understand is the applicants are mostly in late 20s or 30s. let’s say a 32 years old is selected, and malaysia only hope they’ll be able to send their first man as astronaut in 2020, this means another 15 years time… by that time the 32 years old will be 48!
*blur blur*

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