rights where police is concerned

on 8 may i attended suaram‘s ‘know your rights’ workshop and i had blog about it.

i mentioned the most interesting part was on ‘police powers’ where mr arutchelvan talked to us about our rights when police stop us or arrest us and so on. well, i found out that in sun2surf one of its article published yesterday contained a part on know your rights where mr arutchelvan was interviewed, and all that he said there was exactly what he brought up during the workshop i attended. as my blog on the workshop was not in full detail, you can now go to that article to read about your rights where the police is concern. it is very interesting, i assure you.

since that article about knowing your rights came together with other articles, it would be troublesome for you to scroll down and read it, so i had placed that article in my mentaljog extra yahoogroups. OTOH if you prefer to go direct to sun2surf, click here.

do go and read about it and get informed on your rights.

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