comments on comments

let me know please. at the comments ‘jog’ section (your say), which do you prefer – from oldest comment to most recent or the other way round… from recent to oldest? i’m here to please you always. 🙂

both actually has its pros and cons, but i notice from other bloggers site, usually it is oldest to recent/newest. the default is oldest to newest, so i left it as it was until one time when i suddenly realise to read a new post on comments, i have to scroll through all the old posts (and heaven help you if there are so many) to get to the new post, so i figure why not have the new post on top instead. well, as i made a comment on this at joe-blog site, this is good for regular readers who come in often to read the comments, but not good for newbies, or those who comes in once in a while.

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