since today is a good date, just want to make a post to show the date.

wah! as you can see, my blog had been dead for more than 10 years. well in between those 10 years, i did update but only to make an anniversary post, meaning 1 year, 1 post and just talking about my anniversary.

i think  should try update my blog more often but i guess this time not more of socio political blog anymore but more of personal blog. actually there are lots of personal events/activities (major important ones i mean)  that had been happening to me that i wanted to blog but didn't.  i mean significant events like about my late sister at first and now about my late mother. also about my accident, me out of job and so on.

maybe one day i will… although i had been saying that for a long time. haha. now i seems to update my personal stuff more on facebook (FB). perhaps if i have something to say that is quite long, i'd better update here in my blog, then link to myy FB. after all, it's not good to write long story on FB. people on FB will not like long story/post. problem is if i write in my blog, everyone can see but if on FB only those on my friends' list can see. hmm… i must find out if there's a way to limit or pick audience for my blog.