youth day, forum on police, talk about catholic faith… etc, during this weekend

gosh! there are so many events/happenings during this weekend that i wish i could multiply myself and goes to all the events! 🙂

yesterday there was this SABM dinner cum talk in KL. wanted to go but then this saturday and sunday i had already long time ago register to attend an interesting talk by deacon dr sherman kuek. he was formerly a protestant, turned catholic and his talk is entitled ‘splendour of truth’ where he’ll talk about difficult questions on the catholic faith e.g. one of his talk will be why catholics are becoming protestant! that’s not the only topic of course. there are other interesting topics like why has the catholic church committed so many atrocities throughout history, do catholics worship mary, why do catholics communicate with dead people, was the apostle peter really the first pope, is it reasonable to hold that the [ope is infallible, why must catholic priests be celibate, why must catholic priests always be men and so on.

then on this sunday there is also our church’s migrant sunday celebration at kampar, perak. i’m suppose to be there to report for herald.

another church event worth attending is also on sunday, our st vincent de paul society will be celebrating it’s patron’s feast day  at the only chapel of st vincent de paul in malaysia at selama, off taiping, perak.

ok so those 3 are church events. for non church events – there is this penang international youth day. (see poster here). yeah yeah i know i’m not a youth – so i can’t participate but i can watch, as you’ll notice (from the poster) there are lots of interesting things going on.

and on sunday, there is this  forum on the topic  ‘adakah polis pembela rakyat?’  (see poster here).  this sounds like a very interesting topic (in english – s the police the defender of the public?… but it is held in butterworth… difficult for me to get there.

i guess when i choose to attend dr sherman’s talk which are on both days and whole day, i then can’t go to all the other events. let’s see… how many…

1.  sabm dinner/talk

2. dr sherman’s talk

3. st vincent de paul feast

4.  penang international youth day

5.  ‘adakah polis pembela rakyat’ forum

FIVE! if i can mutiply into 5 of me, 5 lucia lai – then i can go all! oh i’m sure there are more than these 5 events happening during this weekend anyway. anyway one of my main purpose of this post is to inform people about the last two events (where i have the posters up).

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