DPM should be the president of perkasa

… or maybe he can form a new group – BERMELAYU DULU ??

i had blog about it when he first declared that he’s malay first, malaysian second. now he’s repeating it and said he won’t apologise for saying that (who the hell asked him to apologise anyway? not i).  but wait there’s more… read here, extract from malaysiakini:

“When I said that I am a Malay first, some dubbed me as an ‘ultra’. But I am not afraid or worried what others may think just because I want to help my race first.

see that? “… because i want to help my race first.”

whoa!! a DPM who think of his race first, who wants to help his race first. shocking, isn’t it? oh no, shouldn’t be shocking as we are already familiar with the antics of our umno government.

this is the kind of remark that drives non malays away, out of the country. this is the kind of remark that stop people who are away from coming back home.

this is the kind of remark that not a malaysian DPM can made but a malay DPM can. see he’s admitting he is a PM for malays.

Don’t be afraid and don’t be apologetic when people say that we are racist for only wanting to help Malays because the Malays still lack in so many areas,’ he said.

whoa! first of all he was admitting he’s racist… and so are all those in gabungan pelajar melayu semenanjung (GPMS) student movement… whom he addressed this to. then he’s admitting malays are still weak, malays ARE over-grown babies who wants to continue being fed.

oh well, this is 1malaysia for you eh? where? where 1malaysia? i see DPM (and also PM) for malays first – so what 1malaysia?? it’s 2 malaysia all the way!!

(note: the 2malaysia facegroup is growing – over 3000 members now. join, if you haven’t yet!)

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