the faces of sirul & azilah (police accused in the altantuya’s murder case)

here they are – the faces of the two bodyguards policemen – who are standing trial in the altantuya’s murder case.

though these pictures showed their side profiles only, at least it is better than nothing, better than what you see when these two appeared in court – their faces all covered up tightly, where you can’t see anything at all.

many people had complained and wondered why were the faces of these 2 men covered up each time they showed up in court. yes i wondered too. what were so special about them, that their faces can’t be exposed to the public? why, only them, and being the accused, got special treatment, allowed to not show their faces?

well, when people wondered, of course, all kind of theories keep flying around. chiefly among them was this, as what one commenter from susan loone’s post had written, which was shared by many many others, not only in susan’s blog but many other blogs i went to:

I have a strong feeling that ultimately the 2 policemen will be the scapegoat. If court sentence them to death, a special team will exchange these 2 policemen with other men who has nothing to loose to be hung to death if sufficient amount of $$ being paid to their family. In return, these 2 policemen will have their identity changed n leave the country as total new person enjoying the whole lump sum of $$. BTW, have the public ever seen the actual face of the 2 policemen?

see the reason why their faces are hidden? nobody will know who they are so nobody will be any wiser if their identities were exchanged!

"have the public eve seen the actual face of the 2 policeman?" – sure yes…. at least when these pictures of them were taken – at the onset of the trial beginning.

yes, where did this pictures came from? the new straits times! i had post this pictures up in june last year when i blog about the beginning of the trial. it came together with a chart like this:

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