you don’t expect us to believe you, do you?

… oh razak baginda, when you said that the DPM and his wife are not involved at all in the altantuya’s murder case, as reported in malaysiakini.

you know, the more razak baginda said DPM is not involved, the more people will think he is involved! why else do you think he would want to defend the DPM so passionately and fiercely?

ok nothing much to say but want to point you to antares’ blog where he had a good analysis of conditions to clear najib and wife’s name… and finally for a good laugh, don’t forget susan loone’s humour about najib’s underwear on this issue. 🙂

NOTE:  video showing the arrest – police dragging people into the black maria – at the PJ candlelight anti-ISA vigil on 9 nov.

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