now it’s islam talk, not malay unity

so the talk will continued, so said muhd taib. from malaysiakini:

Umno and its arch-rival PAS will continue to hold meetings but they will be limited to issues pertaining to Islam, said Umno information chief Muhammad Muhd Taib.

islam? religion? but as i had said it before, in our country, religion had always been politicized. so what’s the difference if they meant issues on malay unity too. anyway, if there is to be any muzakarah (dialogue) that centre on religion, all the better if it is a multi-religious one, don’t you think so? yes, all along, we had been calling for an inter-religious dialouge but but oh no, just because some of these islamist think that islam is superior to all religion (remember ‘ketuanan islam’?), islam and the other religions cannot get together. remember the infamous article 11 road-show forum? how it was disrupted by a mob in penang? (also in johor, but not so serious).

i can’t understand having a dialogue with your own religion. looks might strange to me. we would prefer dialogue with other religions so as to get a more better undertanding of the other religions. what for we dialogue with our own religion when we already know about our own religion? what for we dialogue with our own religion if we are secure about our own religion already? what for we dialouge with our own religion if we know we are already united as people of one religion? ahhhh!! that’s it!

that’s it! no more strange! umno is insecure! umno knows now they are not united. shame, shame!

continuing the report on malaysiakini:

Asked if there is a possibility of PAS crossing over into Barisan Nasional, Muhammad said this was not discussed at the three-hour meeting.

YA ALLAH!! PAS, don’t you sell us out – the non malays who voted for you, ok!! we voted for you, not for umno! (ya i know he mentioned BN but we all know that BN is umno, umno is BN).

well, we heard PAS youth chief saying:

"We will definitely oppose anyone who tempt us into accepting positions
because we belong to a principled party," he said.

Salahuddin stressed that PAS is governed by values and a strong mandate from voters.

"We are not interested in any of their (Umno) offerings even if they offer
me the post of prime minister," he said.

"governed by values and a strong mandate from voters" – good for you salahuddin! yes, as i said, we voted for your party and if your party enter into an alliance with umno, 5 years time, we’ll know what to do.

salahudin also said that if there is such kind of relationship, it can only be a muzakarah
(dialogue) for the sake of nation building.

"Such talks should also not use Malay unity as an excuse as it would make it seem as if both parties were the same entity," he said.

ahh. at least we have one sensible person here from PAS. ohh… PAS’s spiritual leader, nik aziz is ok too since right in the beginning he had disagree with the meeting with umno but PAS’s president, abdul hadi awang agreed! *sigh*

do you know that 30 years ago umno and PAS leaders had already been trying to get together to talk about islam and malay unity? yes, according to the malaysian insider political editor. read his interesting take here.

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