packed weekend

note: this is a personal ranting, so if you are not interested, you know what to do…

oh gosh! i had so much to do, so many places to go this weekend, that i have headache deciding what to do.

as i had blog here, i mentioned 3 events coming up this weekend, which are:
today, 23 june – bloggers gathering sponsored by nuffnang at 12 noon to 3.00pm.
tomorrow, 24 june – pesta rakyat merdeka at 9.30am to 5.00pm

the problem is – clashes!

today, 23 june, i have to attend a 1/2 day seminar (2.00pm – 7.00pm) organised by the church’s ‘penang office for human development‘ (POHD, which incidentally is one of the NGO exhibitor at the pesta rakyat merdeka).

the seminar is important since i’m in the parish human development committee (PHDC) and we are just a few months old, so we have a lot to learn from POHD. well, i like to attend the bloggers gathering too which is held same day, about same time.

yes the bloggers gathering starts at 12 noon while the seminar starts at 2.00pm but i will be working from 10.00am to 2.00pm. if not, i can go at 12 noon for the gathering, then at 2.00pm, run to the seminar.

what’s the solution then? no choice but to go to the gathering at 1.00pm and stay for only 1 hour before i run to the seminar. or… i might missed the first hour of the seminar. see first lah… how the gathering turns out.

tomorrow, 24 june – first there is this pesta rakyat merdeka, as i had mentioned before. then at 7.00pm at our residential area, we have a community event (with activities like line dancing, cooking demo, lucky draw, food of course). then just yesterday i suddenly found out the annual food and beverage exhibition (iFOODex in short) will be held this day too.

about the iFOODex 2007, every year i attended it. i like to attend because there’ll be lots of free food samples and drinks to try! and of course also all the food/drinks will be on sale with huge discount.

3 events in a day!! well, since 2 of these events are held whole day, and 1 towards the evening, i guess i will be able to attend all 3… but it will be very rush for me. i cannot stay to watch all the movies at the pesta rakyat if i want to go to the iFOODex 2007, and if i plan to go to all 3, it will be one after another. phew!

ok i still have 1 day to think how to space out my time for the 3 events tomorrow… or even decide to give up 1 event.

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