UMNO youth + berita harian = the public ?

‘lelaki komunis terakhir’ (the last communist) a film by amir muhammad is a ‘semi-musical documentary inspired by the early life and legacy of chin peng, exiled leader of the banned communist party of malaya”.this film had been banned by the home ministry… after the censorship board had approved it. why do you think so?

UMNO youth issued a protest letter even before the filming begins. then berita harian (the voicepiece of UMNO!) ran a series of articles criticising the censorship’s board decision to approve this film.

according to amir, who had created a blog for this film, it was through berita harian’s provocation that a number of people then came out to say the film should be banned. and the irony of this was that these people had not even seen the film.

wait! there’s more. the main reason for berita hairan’s objection, according to amir was that chin peng is an ethnic chinese.

In fact, central to Berita Harian’s objection to Lelaki Komunis Terakhir seems to be that Chin Peng is an ethnic Chinese. I was ‘advised’ in these articles to concentrate on Malay characters from now on; even if they are radical or communist it’s OK!

can you believe that? so malaysia is about malays only?

the home ministry when banning this film said it is “in the interest of the public”. the public? excuse me, sir… the public? one protest letter from UMNO youth and several criticisms from berita hairan are consider ‘the public’? UMNO is speaking for the public?

*sigh* what else is new. it had always been that way. we, the public has no say in any decision. it’s usually the UMNOputeras who decide for us, who always wants it their way.

btw, sashi had written a letter to the home ministry in his blog to ask what do the mean by ‘the public’, when he, as a public, was not consulted.

read also jeff’s blog on this subject.

related subject on chin peng, do you know that chin peng had given the gomen a deadline to respond to his application to return home – he will bring his case to the international court of justice and european court of justice, if the gomen fail to respond to his application. i had also blog on this subject of chin peng wanting to return home.

UPDATED: from the star paper

“I don’t think it’s right. I also received a lot of objections and negative feedback from the public so I don’t believe Malaysians have reached a level where they are ready for it,” 

so said mohd radzi sheikh ahmad, minister in the home ministry.

note: the bold part -  again they are saying we are not matured! remember my previous post where that zam zam guy said we are not matured and not ready for live proceedings of parliament? and now this!! grrr!!! so geram with them!!!

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