the saga of anwar’s arrest

well, so anwar had to spent the night in the police custody. however, malaysiakini reported that it was not sure if he would be spending the night in the KL police HQ or some other locations.

the reason, the police gave for him to be detained overnight, was for further questioning. huh? he was already in police custody for over 5 hours, what did they do with him? let him sit around and makan angin? it was really a silly reason. methink the police just want to detain him overnight to see the reaction of his supporters. they are hoping that his supporters will demonstrate! i hope his supporters will stay calm and not fall into their trap, as what the press statement from anwar’s office had stated.

anwar’s arrest had been making (and still is) waves all over the blogosphere… and of course into the world too. once again, malaysia is world famous! yippy! will we get to see the same drama that unfolded 10 years ago, like seeing a mattress being carried in and out of the court? a black eyed anwar?

it is really embarrasing to me to see that such news made world headlines. i mean the sodomy charge news. sodomy in many countries is not illegal. and to me sodomy is something private/personal between 2 persons, why should it be wrong? if we made world headlines such as ‘anwar arrested for corruption of1 billion’ or ‘anwar arrested for being a US spy’ – these are not so bad but for sodomy? gee, we will be made a laughing stock in the world!

speaking of the sodomy charge, let’s assume that anwar really did it to saiful… then it would be very safe to say saiful consented to being sodomised! it would be very silly to think a young healthy 23 years old man gave in to an old 60 years old man with back pain to be raped!! and also why did he waited so long to report, if he really was raped? it just doesn’t figure. oh yeah and if the police believe that anwar sodomised saiful, then why shouldn’t saiful be arrested too, as he too was involved in an illegal (hic. personal) act? oh silly me, the police believe saiful – that a 60 years old man raped him, so they didn’t arrest saiful.

i was pretty irked when i read a comments in one of anil netto’s post which said:

Of course he would be arrested as he is involve with his sodomy case. You don’t expect suspect of the case to be walking freely in this place, right?

It doesn’t matter if he is innocence or otherwise, let the law of justice decide it all.

how naive! law of justice? do we still have justice in malaysia? law? what law! we are now a police state!

"of course he would be arrested as he is involve with this sodomy case." – oh yeah right, and saiful was not involved?

"you don’t expect suspect of the case to be walking freely…" – very very naive! you mean to say every suspect of cases must be arrested? then all the lock up/prisons in the bolehland won’t be enough to hold them! oh yeah… and ‘every suspect’? wasn’t a certain no. 2 person a suspect in the altantuya’s case, especially after the infamous statutory declaration by PI, bala? but he was not arrested! not even hauled up for questioning! so where’s the law, you tell me. ("damn lucia! you are so silly. there are 2 laws in bolehland lah!" a voice rang in my ears).

ok going through many of the blogs that talked about anwar’s arrest, i found several comments which i can relate to and fully agree. i will share some here. first from lim kit siang’s blog:

The Inspector-General of Police’s statement that the arrest is a due process of the law is inane to these point of absurdity. Anyone with even the faintest knowledge of the due process of the law is able to understand the difference between a police report and a criminal case. The police is obliged to investigate a police report and can instruct the person concerned to attend and give a statement. If this person refuses, the police can apply to the court for a warrant of arrest. The court is obliged to satisfy itself the a crime has been committed involving the person names in the warrant. However if the police is satisfied that there is sufficient evidence that the person so detain has commit crime tot eh extent that a criminal charge can be preferred against This power is limited to a short duration after which the police will have to apply to the court to extend the remand. What the police cannot do is to modify this due process. It cannot arbitrarily arrogate to itself the right to declare that a mere police report constitute sufficient evidence to be classified as ‘sufficient evidence’ This is a fundamental tenet of the rule of law without which we would be living in a police state. This must surely be the last nail on the coffin of BN. What is the difference between Malaysia and the fascism of Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-PF government in utilising a state apparatus of the state to suppress the opposition – for its political end..

good coments there about the process of law. oh and yes, sometime ago, someone did mentioned about malaysia turning into a fascist country!

the following comment was also from the same post of lim kit siang:

My God! A 60 year old man accused of forcibly sodomizing a 23 year old youth and the police threw all their resources at it like it’s the security of the nation is threatened.

yep! the police/goverment is afraid of one man!

don’t the police have other better things to do? isn’t it more important to use all their resources to search for the killers of little nurin or the disappeared sharlinie?

the following comment i spy on susan loone’s blog, but i think this person had made similiar comments in other blogs too.

First Anwar, now RPK! The Nazi Umno and Gestapo police don’t like justice being defended for the sake of rakyat’s good! Barbaric criminals including rapists and murderers get off scot-free many times; where even unfortunate Altantuya’s murderers and possible rapists are confident about being freed eventually since they talk about “performing Haj” if freed! And yet these Nazis Umno leaders keep describing this is what Malay-Islamic civilization is supposed to be about under their so-called progressive what-the-heck-is “Islam Hadhari” civilization!! But hang on there dear brave Anwar and RPK! Both of you have set such new chapters, and progressive ones, in Malaysian history in this sorry nation-state!

Noor Aza Othman.

yes, if you haven’t know yet, raja petra kamaruddin (RPK) of malaysia today had been arrested too. read from malaysiakini (subsribe to malaysiakini lah!). geez…. another case of bullying the whistle-blower. how i love my country!

ahh i like noor’s comments. very much. because of the use of ‘nazis umno’. how true. ’nuff said.

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