live blogging – the walk and the talk

left my hotel to NPC. was told by foo to be at NPC early to see to things with wai fongfrom CIJ.
with foo and his wife driving, we went pass dataran merdeka first and notice police presence.
nobody around yet when we reach NPC. foo brief me a little on what to do then left for dataran.

around 9.00am a few people drop in including rocky and nuraina samad.

datuk zaid arrived! cameras clicking away everywhere.
helen ang came followed after a while by haris ibrahim, zorro and a few others.

people from the star were here early around 9.00am

many people’s from the walk keep arriving. all having breakfast and fellowship.

speches started by NUJ and NPC then gayathry from CIJ.
did not manage to jot notes as busy with signing of memo giving out handouts, etc.
datuk zaid turn.

Q&A time

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